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5 Tips for Resolving Your Car Accident Property Damage Claim

5 Tips for Resolving Your Car Accident Property Damage Claim

Get an estimate

If your car can be repaired after your car accident then you can take it to a repair shop of your choice to get an estimate. Even if the insurance company insists you use their repair shop, you have the right to get a second opinion from an independent repair shop.

Get the fair market value for your car

You are entitled to the fair market value for your vehicle if the insurance company determines that your car is totaled. Your car is considered “totaled” if it costs more to repair it than its value. To estimate the fair market value of your car use the internet to search for the cost of a comparable vehicle (same age, same condition, same mileage and same options as your vehicle).

Claim the loss

You are entitled to claim the loss of your ability to use the vehicle from the time of the car accident until the vehicle is repaired–whether or not you rent a substitute vehicle.

Don’t let your insurance company use your property damage claim as leverage

You rely upon your vehicle. Being without it because of a car accident is an extreme hardship. The insurance company has a duty to resolve your car accident property damage claim within a short period of time unless there is a dispute regarding who is at fault for the car accident.

If you have suffered both property damage and an injury as a result of an car accident, the insurance company is forbidden to delay the settlement of your property damage claim in order to influence you to resolve your injury claim quickly or cheaply. If you are confronted with an insurance company that is attempting to use your property damage claim as leverage, contact us immediately.

Get an attorney to recover all of your damages

Insurance companies are becoming more aggressive with property damage claims. In the past, most people were able to resolve their property damage claims with the insurance company on their own.

However, with insurance companies becoming increasingly difficult it’s frequently necessary to obtain an attorney. Your attorney will assist you with recovering all of the damages you have suffered. This is especially true if you suffered injuries as well as property damage in the accident. If you feel you are being treated unfairly, contact us right away.Photo by Rob Young / CC BY

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