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    $2 Million
    For medical malpractice during a heart procedure. We showed that the physician performed an unnecessary procedure that seriusly injured our client
    $5.7 Million
    For a grandfather struck by a young driver. Finding a hidden $5M umbrella policy and making a compelling video from the Grandfather’s family helped us settle this case in less than a year.
    $1.8 Million
    For a contstruction worker who fell into an unprotected shaft. We also obtained a lifetime pension from worker’s compensation for this injured worker.
    $1.75 Million
    For a woman with a permanent leg injury. The insurance company didn’t believe she was that injured. We convinced them.
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    Q: I want to sue my employer because I think they caused my accident at work. I feel like they should be held accountable. What can I do?

    It’s understandable that you feel your employer should be held accountable for your accident at work. However, in the early 1900s Washington State adopted laws that offered both employees and employers a better way to fairly handle instances of on-the-job injuries and illnesses. For more information on the history of the Workers’ Comp system in WA read our blog article “The Workers’ Comp System, Past & Present.”

    Injuries Sustained on Company Property &/or from a Co-Worker:

    In exchange for some of the best benefits available to injured workers in the nation, our law states an injured worker cannot sue his/her employer for negligence. This means if your accident at work is caused by the negligence of a co-worker, or something at the company building, you can’t collect for pain and suffering. However, you can open a Workers’ Compensation claim and recoup your lost wages and receive a lump sum financial settlement if you are permanently injured, as well as get medical treatment.

    Injuries Sustained while away from Company grounds or from someone who isn’t a Co-Worker:

    If your accident at work was caused by someone else (not an employee of your company), or something (a dangerous piece of equipment or construction site), then you may be able to sue for negligence—in addition to your Workers’ Comp case. Our personal injury team reviews every new work injury case for 3rd-party negligence automatically to ensure our clients receive the most compensation possible. If there is an angle to pursue a pain and suffering claim and sue for negligence, we do it. Our firm is one of the few firms in the Seattle area that focuses in both personal injury and workers’ comp cases so we are able assess and manage both for our clients. If you’d like your workers’ comp claim evaluated for free, please contact us today.

    At Lehmbecker Law we offer free consultations for all injury cases. Our attorneys bring more than 52 years of combined experience to representing accident victims and their families. If you would like to discuss your case with one of our dedicated injury lawyers, please call (425) 455-3186 or contact us online today.