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When Should You Hire a Seattle Personal Injury Lawyer?

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    When Should You Hire a Seattle Personal Injury Lawyer?

    If you have been involved in an accident caused by another party’s negligence or recklessness, you may need to hire a personal injury attorney in Seattle. The attorney will protect your legal rights and help you fight for compensation.

    Here are some situations where you should hire a personal injury lawyer:

    The Defendant is Disputing Liability

    Liability is the legal term for responsibility. You will need an attorney to determine whether the other party was ‘liable’ or responsible for the accident and your injuries. Reach out to a personal injury attorney immediately if the party that injured you disputes liability.

    Several Parties Involved

    Determining liability when multiple parties are involved in your claim can be quite tricky. This includes multi-vehicle accidents, product liability, construction, and medical malpractice claims.

    You Are Being Blamed for the Incident

    In some cases, insurance companies will try to share liability for the incident in question to reduce your compensation. It isn’t always as simple as it seems. For instance, they may argue that even though their client was driving aggressively at the time of the crash, you are also at fault for it due to some action.

    You Were Severely Injured or Disabled

    Severe injuries that require ongoing medical care and prevent you from working can be extremely costly. A Seattle personal injury attorney will consult with medical and financial experts to put a value on your total damages and ensure you get enough compensation.

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