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Seattle Bicycle Accident Lawyer
Seattle Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Seattle Bicycle Accident Lawyer

As cycling in Seattle grows in popularity, the number of accidents is also increasing. Victims who need compensation for their losses can turn to a bicycle accident attorney in Seattle for help.
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Bicycle Accident Attorney in Seattle Providing Legal Services to Injured Cyclists in Washington

seattle bicycle accident lawyer

If someone else caused your bicycle accident and you have been injured, you have the right to pursue compensation for your serious injury and your resulting losses. Although the law is clear on this point, the compensation process is far from straightforward. Bicycle accident victims often face enormous difficulties getting the compensation they deserve.

Lehmbecker Law has been fighting for compensation for injured clients for nearly 40 years, and we know how to overcome the obstacles in the way of the victims of negligent drivers.

Whether through fierce negotiations with insurance companies or representing you at trial, you can trust Lehmbecker Law to confidently handle your claim.

What Types of Injuries Are Typically Seen in a Bike Accident?

Because bicyclists are not protected like motorists are, they have a higher risk of experiencing serious injury and death. Even when they wear protective equipment, such as helmets and durable clothing, cyclists can suddenly become victims of life-altering injuries.

Some of the common serious injuries they face include:

  • Head injuries, such as traumatic brain injuries (TBIs);
  • Spinal cord injuries and paralysis;
  • Injuries to the face and mouth;
  • Musculoskeletal injuries, including broken bones, strains, and sprains;
  • Internal injuries to organs, nerves, veins, and vessels;
  • Amputations;
  • Burns, abrasions, and lacerations;
  • Road rash.

Although fast-moving vehicles cause the most damage to bicycle riders, even slow-moving motor vehicles can cause catastrophic injuries and death to unprotected bicyclists. The costs they must face for suffering after an accident include endless medical bills, lost income, and the inability to interact with the world as they used to.

Seattle Bicycle Collisions Statistics

bicycle accident attorney in seattle

Bicycle accidents occur throughout the city of Seattle, but certain intersections tend to have more crashes than others. According to data compiled by the Seattle Times, the following intersections have historically been among the riskiest for bicycle crashes, with the last two on the list being the most common areas for bicyclist fatalities:

  • Fuhrman Avenue East and Eastlake Avenue East;
  • Second Avenue and University Street;
  • North 34th Street and Troll Avenue;
  • Boylston Avenue and East Pine Street;
  • Northeast Pacific Street and 15th Avenue Northeast;
  • Fourth Avenue and Pike Street;
  • Columbia Street and Second Avenue.

Although these and other intersections have been updated or upgraded with bike lanes and new safety features, bicycle accidents continue to be a concern for Seattle cyclists and motorists.

Understanding the Law as a Cyclist

The most important Washington bike law that bicyclists should understand is that they have the same rights and responsibilities as motorists while on the roadway. Whatever action you would, or would not, take in a car will also apply to your time on a bicycle. A bicyclist also may be ticketed for a moving violation committed while on a bicycle.

Some other important cycling laws to know include:

  • Bicyclists can ride no more than two abreast on the roadway;
  • White front light and red rear reflector are required for night riding;
  • Certain state highways are closed to bicycle traffic;
  • Remember to use proper hand signals to turn or stop.

One law that does not exist on a statewide basis is the requirement to wear a helmet while biking. But many individual municipalities have passed such a law, including King County. The county passed its law in 1993 and extended its enforcement to Seattle in 2003. The fine for not wearing a helmet was $30.

However, Seattle repealed its helmet law recently due to issues of discriminatory enforcement. But wearing a helmet is still a smart idea for the safety of any cyclist.

What Are the Common Causes of Bike Crashes in the State of Washington?

bicycle accident attorney seattle

Scenic Washington State is a big draw for residents and out-of-state visitors. Sadly, the state has its fair share of bicycle accidents. Although some of these unfortunate occurrences are caused by bicyclists themselves, many more occur due to factors outside of their control, such as:

  • Car doors that are opened unexpectedly;
  • Drivers who make negligent left turns;
  • Drunk drivers;
  • Motorists who fail to stop at stop signs or red lights;
  • Rear-end crashes;
  • Defective bicycle parts;
  • Drivers who change lanes unsafely;
  • Distracted drivers;
  • Cars that drive in bike lanes;
  • Speeding motorists.

Other causes of bicycle accidents include poor weather conditions and poorly maintained roads and parking lots. Whatever the cause of bicycle crash is, an injured bicyclist is likely to need emergency medical treatment after a crash.

Proving Liability for Bicycle Accidents in Seattle

Depending on the circumstances of your crash, any number of individuals or parties may be held liable for the damages that you suffer, including:

  • Motor vehicle operators;
  • Other bicyclists;
  • Pedestrians;
  • The maker of a defective bicycle;
  • A property owner;
  • A municipal government agency;

In some cases, more than one party may be held liable for your personal injuries.

However, if you are found to have contributed to your accident, your claim may be reduced according to your percentage of the fault. For example, suppose that you are 20% at fault for an accident. Your compensation award will be reduced by 20%.

Recovering Damages for Bicycle Accident Injuries in Washington State

Victims of bicycle accidents typically sustain serious brain injuries and an array of physical harm and property damage. With the aid of a seasoned bicycle accident attorney in Seattle, injury victims can seek to recover compensation for their losses.

In Washington, compensatory damages awarded to bicycle accident victims might include:

  • Costs and expenses for medical treatment and care;
  • Lost wages and lost ability to earn income;
  • Pain and suffering;
  • Emotional distress;
  • Mental anguish;
  • Disability;
  • Disfigurement.

When you hire a Seattle bike accident attorney to represent you, they will closely review your bike crash claim and medical records to ensure that all of your losses are taken into account during your claim for monetary compensation.

Why Choose Lehmbecker Law Firm for Your Bike Crash Case?

bicycle accident lawyer in seattle

Lehmbecker Law is a dedicated personal injury law firm that has represented injury victims of bicycle accidents for decades. We know how to fight for maximum compensation, and we care.

When you choose Lehmbecker Law, you get a firm with:

  • Over 35 years of faithful service to the Seattle community;
  • A record of recovering multiple millions of dollars for injury victims;
  • A commitment to keeping clients in the loop;
  • Direct lines of contact between clients and our attorneys.

Call today to meet with an attorney ready to fight for you.

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Our attorneys have decades of experience to ensure you get the proper treatment for your injuries and compensation for your losses. If you’ve suffered an injury, contact us for a free consultation to learn how we can help you get the financial help you deserve.
Overcoming Negative Police Report
For a Client Wrongly Put at Fault
Lehmbecker Law overcomes a negative police report and secures the client compensation for his medical costs, pain and suffering, and property damage.
For a Victim of DUI Accident in Dram Shop Case
Lehmbecker Law successfully recovers damages for a victim of a DUI accident and holds a bar accountable for over serving.
Lifetime Pension Awarded
For a Roofer After 5-Year Fight
Lehmbecker Law reaches a successful settlement for a family whose father was seriously injured.
Lehmbecker Law reaches a successful settlement for a family whose father was seriously injured.
We also obtained a lifetime pension from worker’s compensation for this injured worker.
For a Client Suffered From a Dog Attack
Our exceptional advocacy leads to a great outcome in a pit bull attack case, securing justice and compensation for the victim.
For a Client Suffered From a Dog Bite
Lehmbecker Law secures victory in dog bite lawsuit, delivering justice and compensation to the victim.
Finding a hidden $5M umbrella policy and making a compelling video from the Grandfather’s family helped us settle this case in less than a year.
We showed that the physician performed an unnecessary procedure that seriously injured our client.
The insurance company didn’t believe she was that injured. We convinced them.
for an elderly woman who suffered a shoulder injury that required surgery
After being struck in a crosswalk by a delivery van.
for a young woman who suffered multiple orthopedic injuries
After being struck in a crosswalk by a taxicab.
for our client who suffered permanent cardiovascular impairment
After his surgeon attempted to perform an unnecessary procedure.
for our client who was hit in the front driver’s side of her vehicle
As she was driving straight through a green light in Kirkland, WA.
for our client after she was hit by a driver failing to yield
While making a left turn.
for our client
After being hit by a driver making an illegal U-turn.
for our client when a piece of plywood fell onto his knee and punctured it
While working on a construction site.
for our client
After being T-boned by a drunk driver.
for our client who was crushed under a wall
While working on a construction site.
for our client
After he and his dog were hit by a distracted driver who didn’t see them crossing the street.
for our client
After his leg was broken in three places during a construction-site accident that occurred while he was working as a carpenter.
for our client
After being hit and run side-swiped on the freeway (uninsured motorist claim).
for our client
Who violently rear ended while traveling back to his office in the Seattle area.
for our client
After being rear-ended while at a complete stop.
for our client
after he slowed down to make a turn and was rear ended.
for our client
After being hit twice within one year.
for our client
After our client exited a restaurant, slipped on a mossy paving stone and fell, resulting in a broken ankle.
for our client
After he was bitten by a dog in the leg while delivering a package.

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Stars reviews
5 months ago
Thank you very much for fighting for me really hard, I know it’s only beginning but I am so happy and satisfied with the results.
Stars reviews
5 months ago
Thank you very much for fighting for me really hard, I know it’s only beginning but I am so happy and satisfied with the results.
Stars reviews
5 months ago
Thank you very much for fighting for me really hard, I know it’s only beginning but I am so happy and satisfied with the results.
Stars reviews
5 months ago
Thank you very much for fighting for me really hard, I know it’s only beginning but I am so happy and satisfied with the results.
Stars reviews
5 months ago
Thank you very much for fighting for me really hard, I know it’s only beginning but I am so happy and satisfied with the results.
Stars reviews
5 months ago
Thank you very much for fighting for me really hard, I know it’s only beginning but I am so happy and satisfied with the results.

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Seattle Bicycle Accidents Attorney FAQs

Do bike riders have the right of way on Seattle roads?

It depends. Bike riders are bound by the same right-of-way rules as drivers. If a bike rider and a driver meet at an intersection, the person on the right has the right-of-way. However, both motorists and bicyclists must yield the right-of-way to pedestrians when a pedestrian is in a crosswalk.

What is the statute of limitations for Seattle bike accident claims?

In Seattle and throughout Washington, bike accident claims are subject to a three-year statute of limitations. The clock starts the day the bicycle accident occurs. This means that three years after the accident, a previously valid claim becomes void. Some exceptions exist, but most bike accident claims must be filed within the three-year period.

Is there such a thing as premises liability for bike accidents?

Yes. Bike accident claims can be filed using a theory of premises liability. For example, suppose that a rider gets into a bicycle crash due to a dangerous condition, such as a large pothole, on someone else's property. They may have a valid claim for damages based on premises liability.

Does it matter if I wasn’t wearing a bike helmet when I was injured?

Yes. If you were injured in a bicycle accident and were not wearing a helmet, it does matter — especially for brain injuries. Since riding a bicycle can be a dangerous activity, your failure to use a helmet might be seen as contributing to your injury, which can lead to a reduction in compensation in your accident claim.