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Community Commitment

At Lehmbecker Law, our dedication extends beyond our legal practice. We’re deeply committed to serving our community, ensuring that our actions resonate with our core values.
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Our Mission

Lehmbecker Law is your dedicated local legal team, deeply rooted in our community. With a strong commitment to building a brighter future, we actively engage in safety advocacy, community initiatives, and partnerships with fellow organizations. We believe in the power of community impact, fostering unity, and positively transforming lives across our beloved hometown.

Our mission is to empower, support, and collaborate with our community, making a positive impact through legal expertise and hands-on involvement.
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Our Activities & Initiatives

Latino Civic Alliance Legal Clinic

Our mission centers around serving the Latino community. On the third Wednesday of every month, we host a free Legal Clinic at Latino Civic Alliance with a focus on providing support to the Hispanic community on workers' compensation claims, car accidents, personal injuries, immigration, wrongful termination, and maritime & Jones Act cases. During these sessions, our attorneys are available to address inquiries related to our legal services. While family law consultations may be subject to availability, we have the capability to make referrals. Additionally, Larry Lehmbecker is also available to provide insights on family law issues and answers to questions. Consultations are available in English and Spanish.

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Food Donations

During the holiday season, we assemble food baskets as part of our charitable initiatives. Our team carefully selects deserving recipients among our clients. Furthermore, we extend our support by donating food baskets to local church groups engaged in similar charitable efforts.

Supporting Local Events

Lehmbecker Law actively engages in local fairs and festivals, offering legal services. Our presence underscores our commitment to the community, bridging the gap between legal expertise and local needs.

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Let's Make a Difference Together

Join our compassionate team at regional events throughout the northwest Washington area and get trustworthy legal advice tailored to your needs. We look forward to lending a hand.
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