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Bellevue Car Accident Lawyer
Bellevue Car Accident Lawyer

Bellevue Car Accident Lawyer

Facing the aftermath of a car accident can be overwhelming. Get the right help and representation from our dedicated Bellevue car accident attorneys at Lehmbecker Law.
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Protect Your Rights with Our Auto Accident Attorneys in Bellevue, WA

At Lehmbecker Law, our legal advocates are steadfast in our commitment to serving car accident victims in Bellevue, WA. With decades of experience in personal injury cases and a proven track record, our legal team of Bellevue car accident lawyers has secured compensation for countless clients suffering from the physical, emotional, and financial implications of a car accident.

Our car accident attorneys are adept at navigating the complex legal landscape of car accident claims, negotiating with insurance companies, and aggressively pursuing your rights in court. We work tirelessly to ensure that all clients receive the full and fair compensation they're entitled to under the law. Our top priority is to alleviate your burden during this difficult time, so you can focus on healing.

Bellevue Car Accidents & Traffic Statistics

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As a bustling suburb of Seattle, Bellevue experiences a significant amount of traffic, resulting in a high frequency of auto accidents. According to the City of Bellevue Traffic Collision Data, in 2020 Bellevue reported:

The car accident rate rises during peak commuting hours and in adverse weather conditions, indicating a direct correlation between heavy traffic and the likelihood of accidents. With Bellevue's ever-expanding population and infrastructure growth, these trends are expected to continue.

Understanding these statistics is crucial for all drivers on the road in Bellevue and the broader King County area. Our car accident attorneys at Lehmbecker Law are well-versed in local and state traffic laws and insurance claims, leveraging this knowledge to advocate for victims' rights and ensure the best possible outcome for their claims.

What Are Common Types of Bellevue Car Wrecks?

In Bellevue, Washington, car wrecks can occur in various ways, leading to different types of accidents. Here are some of the most common types of car wrecks in Bellevue:

  • T-bone (side-impact) collisions: These occur when one vehicle strikes the side of another vehicle, often at an intersection. They can result in severe injuries due to the limited protection on the sides of cars;
  • Head-on collisions: These accidents happen when two vehicles collide front-to-front. They're particularly dangerous and often result in severe injuries or fatalities;
  • Multiple car (pileup) accidents: These accidents involve three or more vehicles and can occur on busy highways or during adverse weather conditions, often causing extensive damage and injuries;
  • Rollover accidents: These accidents involve a vehicle flipping over onto its side or roof. They can occur due to sudden maneuvers, collisions, or top-heavy vehicles, and often result in serious bodily injury.

Each type of motor vehicle accident and car wreck has unique characteristics and potential consequences. This highlights the importance of safe driving practices and adherence to traffic rules.

Top Causes of Bellevue Car Crashes

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Car crashes in Bellevue result from various factors. Some of the top causes of car crashes in the area include:

  • Distracted driving accidents: This includes activities like texting, talking on the phone, or using in-car technology while driving, diverting attention from the road;
  • Speeding: Driving above the designated speed limit increases the risk of accidents, as it reduces the driver's ability to react to sudden changes;
  • Drunk driving: Operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs impairs judgment, coordination, and reaction time, significantly increasing the chances of a crash;
  • Reckless driving: This includes behaviors such as tailgating, changing lanes without signaling, or disregarding traffic signals, which can lead to dangerous situations and accidents;
  • Adverse weather conditions: Rain, snow, fog, and ice can make the road surfaces slippery, reducing traction and increasing the likelihood of accidents.

By understanding these common causes, drivers in Bellevue can take proactive measures to prevent accidents and ensure safer roads for everyone.

Injuries a Victim Can Sustain in a Car Accident

Car accidents can result in a wide range of injuries, and the circumstances of the crash vary in severity. Some common injuries victims may sustain in a car accident case include:

  • Whiplash: This is a neck injury caused by the sudden back-and-forth motion of the head during a collision;
  • Fractures and broken bones: The impact of a car accident can cause bones to break or fracture, leading to pain, swelling, and limited mobility;
  • Head and brain injuries: Serious injuries such as traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can occur when the head strikes an object or experiences a sudden jolt, leading to cognitive impairment and other long-term effects;
  • Spinal cord injuries: Severe accidents can damage the spinal cord, resulting in paralysis or loss of sensation below the site of the injury;
  • Soft tissue injuries: These include sprains, strains, and bruises, which can cause pain, swelling, and restricted movement;
  • Wrongful death.

Car accident victims need to seek immediate medical attention, even if they don't initially experience significant pain. Some injuries may not manifest symptoms immediately.

Recovering Damages Through a Car Accident Claim

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When pursuing a car accident claim, it's important to understand the potential for recovering damages from car accident injuries. While each case is unique, there are common types of damages that can be sought through a car accident claim:

  • Medical expenses: Compensation for medical bills, including hospital stays, surgeries, medication, physical therapy, and other necessary treatments;
  • Property damage: Reimbursement for the repair or replacement of damaged or destroyed vehicles and personal property;
  • Lost wages: Compensation for income lost due to the inability to work during recovery, including both past and future lost earnings;
  • Pain and suffering: Damages awarded for physical and emotional pain experienced as a result of the accident;
  • Loss of consortium: Compensation for the accident's impact on the victim's relationship with their spouse or family members;
  • Punitive damages: In certain cases involving gross negligence or intentional misconduct, additional damages may be awarded to punish the at-fault driver.

You'll want to consult with an experienced car accident lawyer who can evaluate the specific circumstances of your case. From there, you can pursue the appropriate damages to ensure fair compensation for your losses.

The Deadline for Filing a Claim in Bellevue, Washington

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In Bellevue, Washington, the deadline for filing a car accident claim is subject to the statute of limitations. The statute of limitations sets a time limit within which a claim must be filed in order to seek legal recourse. In Bellevue, the general statute of limitations for personal injury claims, including car accident claims, is three years from the date of the accident.

However, this time limit may vary depending on your specific circumstances. Failing to file a claim within the applicable statute of limitations can result in the loss of the right to pursue compensation. To ensure that you meet all necessary deadlines and protect your legal rights, we advise you to consult with an experienced car accident lawyer as soon as possible after the accident occurs.

Can I File a Claim if I Was Partially to Blame?

In Bellevue, Washington, you may still be able to file a claim for a car accident even if you were partially at fault. Washington personal injury law follows a "comparative negligence" rule, which means that the amount of compensation you are eligible to receive may be reduced by your percentage of fault.

For example, if you were found to be 20% at fault for the accident, your potential compensation would be reduced by 20%. However, it's important to note that if you're found to be more than 50% at fault, you may be barred from recovering any compensation. Regardless, consulting with a car accident attorney like ours can help you understand your legal options and navigate the complexities of your case.

Experienced Attorneys Know How to Show Who Was at Fault 

Our team of experienced car accident attorneys understands the intricacies of determining fault in various legal cases, including car accidents. We know how to gather evidence and present it to establish liability and ensure our clients receive the compensation they deserve. When proving fault in a car accident case, here are key factors we consider:

  • Police report: We carefully analyze official reports filed by law enforcement officers at the scene of the accident to help provide crucial details and initial assessments of fault;
  • Eyewitness testimony: Gathering statements from witnesses who observed the accident can provide valuable firsthand accounts of the events leading up to the crash;
  • Accident reconstruction: In some cases, we work with accident reconstruction experts who use scientific methods to recreate the accident scene, analyze vehicle damage, and determine factors such as speed and trajectory;
  • Photographs and video footage: Visual evidence including photographs and videos captured at the accident scene, can provide valuable insights into the sequence of events and help prove liability;
  • Expert opinions: If needed, we will consult with various experts, such as medical professionals, engineers, or accident reconstruction specialists, to provide their professional opinions on liability.

We meticulously analyze and present these pieces of evidence to build a strong case that effectively demonstrates who was at fault in a car accident. This ensures our client's rights are protected and justice is served.

Why So Many Clients Trust Our Bellevue Auto Accident Lawyers

There are many reasons why clients trust our Bellevue car accident attorneys at Lehmbecker Law:

When you choose our Bellevue car accident lawyers, clients can benefit from our experience, personalized approach, and strong history of success, giving them confidence in their legal representation.

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Verdicts and Settlements

Explore our impressive record of favorable verdicts and settlements, which showcases our success in securing just compensation for our clients.
Overcoming Negative Police Report
For a Client Wrongly Put at Fault
Lehmbecker Law overcomes a negative police report and secures the client compensation for his medical costs, pain and suffering, and property damage.
For a Victim of DUI Accident in Dram Shop Case
Lehmbecker Law successfully recovers damages for a victim of a DUI accident and holds a bar accountable for over serving.
Overcoming Negative Police Report
For a Client Wrongly Put at Fault
Lehmbecker Law overcomes a negative police report and secures the client compensation for his medical costs, pain and suffering, and property damage.
Lifetime Pension Awarded
For a Roofer After 5-Year Fight
Lehmbecker Law reaches a successful settlement for a family whose father was seriously injured.
Lehmbecker Law reaches a successful settlement for a family whose father was seriously injured.
We also obtained a lifetime pension from worker’s compensation for this injured worker.
For a Client Suffered From a Dog Attack
Our exceptional advocacy leads to a great outcome in a pit bull attack case, securing justice and compensation for the victim.
For a Client Suffered From a Dog Bite
Lehmbecker Law secures victory in dog bite lawsuit, delivering justice and compensation to the victim.
Finding a hidden $5M umbrella policy and making a compelling video from the Grandfather’s family helped us settle this case in less than a year.
We showed that the physician performed an unnecessary procedure that seriously injured our client.
The insurance company didn’t believe she was that injured. We convinced them.
for an elderly woman who suffered a shoulder injury that required surgery
After being struck in a crosswalk by a delivery van.
for a young woman who suffered multiple orthopedic injuries
After being struck in a crosswalk by a taxicab.
for our client who suffered permanent cardiovascular impairment
After his surgeon attempted to perform an unnecessary procedure.
for our client who was hit in the front driver’s side of her vehicle
As she was driving straight through a green light in Kirkland, WA.
for our client after she was hit by a driver failing to yield
While making a left turn.
for our client
After being hit by a driver making an illegal U-turn.
for our client when a piece of plywood fell onto his knee and punctured it
While working on a construction site.
for our client
After being T-boned by a drunk driver.
for our client who was crushed under a wall
While working on a construction site.
for our client
After he and his dog were hit by a distracted driver who didn’t see them crossing the street.
for our client
After his leg was broken in three places during a construction-site accident that occurred while he was working as a carpenter.
for our client
After being hit and run side-swiped on the freeway (uninsured motorist claim).
for our client
Who violently rear ended while traveling back to his office in the Seattle area.
for our client
After being rear-ended while at a complete stop.
for our client
after he slowed down to make a turn and was rear ended.
for our client
After being hit twice within one year.
for our client
After our client exited a restaurant, slipped on a mossy paving stone and fell, resulting in a broken ankle.
for our client
After he was bitten by a dog in the leg while delivering a package.


Stars reviews
5 months ago
Thank you very much for fighting for me really hard, I know it’s only beginning but I am so happy and satisfied with the results.
Stars reviews
5 months ago
Thank you very much for fighting for me really hard, I know it’s only beginning but I am so happy and satisfied with the results.
Stars reviews
5 months ago
Thank you very much for fighting for me really hard, I know it’s only beginning but I am so happy and satisfied with the results.
Stars reviews
5 months ago
Thank you very much for fighting for me really hard, I know it’s only beginning but I am so happy and satisfied with the results.
Stars reviews
5 months ago
Thank you very much for fighting for me really hard, I know it’s only beginning but I am so happy and satisfied with the results.
Stars reviews
5 months ago
Thank you very much for fighting for me really hard, I know it’s only beginning but I am so happy and satisfied with the results.

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