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$1.8M Settlement for a Construction Accident Lawsuit

Case Description

Our client was a hard-working construction worker from Mexico who had lived and worked in the United States for several years. On the day of the subject incident, he worked at the project site of a new apartment complex. Unbeknownst to him, someone had previously left a hole cover unsecured at the job site, creating a critical safety hazard. In the course of his work, our client stepped on the unsecured cover and fell through the floor to the hard concrete far below.

The incident resulted in severe, life-altering injuries. After a long stay in the hospital, with multiple surgeries, our client and his family were thrust into a set of challenging circumstances. With profound orthopedic and neurological injuries, our client was unable to work. Nobody wanted to take responsibility for the incident, and our client was forced to contend with the difficult-to-navigate Washington State Workers’ Compensation system. He and his family were terrified of what his conditions might mean for their future.

Fortunately, our client heard about our firm and walked through our doors. His fears began to subside almost immediately as we jumped in and tackled the many issues surrounding his case. We ensured that the Department of Labor & Industries provided appropriate wage loss and the medical treatment our client needed. Additionally, our investigation into the incident uncovered multiple bad actors as being responsible, and we aggressively pursued those responsible parties in a civil lawsuit.

Final Settlement

For our client, we ultimately obtained a lifetime pension award from the State of Washington and an additional $1.8 million from the at-fault parties. This result allowed our client and his family to plan for their futures and begin to enjoy their lives again.

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