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How Soon Should I Settle My Auto Accident Case?

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    How Soon Should I Settle My Auto Accident Case?

    How Long Can You File Car Accident Claim in Washington?

    There is no rush to settle your auto accident case. In Washington State, an auto accident victim has three years from the date of their car accident to settle their case. Don’t succumb to the early offers that insurance adjusters like to dangle in car accident cases to get you to settle prematurely.

    Do I Need to File a Lawyer After a Car Accident?

    Most of our car accident clients are average people who are not looking to sue the person who hit them.

    They hire a car accident law firm to help them manage their medical records and bills which is a critical piece of the settlement process. They also rely a car accident lawyer to communicate in insurance company language the full impact the accident has had on their life.

    Hiring a lawyer after your auto accident is a good idea, as a car accident law firm can help you navigate the entire auto insurance claim process. This ensures you are not taken advantage of by an insurance adjuster.

    Although you have three years to settle your personal injury case, it is not recommended you wait until the last minute to contact us about your car accident or collision.

    In order to achieve the best settlement and the most compensation for your auto accident injury claim we likely need to investigate the facts of the car accident while the facts are still fresh, including talking to your personal injury physician or other witnesses to the auto accident or about the effects of your injury.

    Our fee is the same whether you hire us the first week or a year after your car accident.

    You’ll get more for your money if you hire us early on to insure your auto accident personal injury case is built and managed properly along the way. Early legal representation by a car accident lawyer will likely translate into less hassle and more, fairer compensation for your personal injuries and your pain and suffering.

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